I just finished reading the article, "Rock'n'Roll, the Bible, and the Mind." As one of the "young people," I have to say the author makes a number of pertinent observations. I have been raised on a diet of rock'n'roll music---it's what my parents and peers listen to. But I've never been quite as interested in music as most of my peers, which is why I don't own an extensive collection of albums and largely why I have never engaged in music file swapping on the Internet. Perhaps that has been a blessing of sorts. I've never really questioned rock music as a style---but then, that seems to be exactly what draws one in. I can think of a number of songs I like for the tune but despise the lyrics. And "Christian rock" almost always seems ridiculous to me. What do you all think, especially those of you "young people" like me? Is it going too far to say that Christians should avoid rock music altogether, or should I destroy what meagre collection of rock music I have?


I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.