Avoid it like the plague. IMHO there is no such thing as Christian Rock-n-Roll. There is Christian music and there is RR, but when you mix them you do not get CRR. You may get CCR (Credence Clearwater Revival), but not CRR (Christian Rock-n-Roll) [img]http://www.the-highway.com/w3timages/icons/grin.gif" alt="grin" title="grin[/img]

Historically speaking the Church has always protected its worship. Some like Calvin hired song writers to write correct theological sound music.The Christian church did not employ instrumental music in its public worship for nearly 1200 years after Christ. Calvin said,

In Popery there was a ridiculous and unsuitable imitation [of the Jews]. While they adorned their temples, and valued themselves as having made the worship of God more splendid and inviting, they employed organs, and many other such ludicrous things, by which the Word and worship of God are exceedingly profaned, the people being much more attached to those rites than to the understanding of the divine Word....
We need one instrument: the peaceful word of adoration, not harps or drums or pipes or trumpets, said St. Clement of Alexandria around 200 A.D. Charles H. Spurgeon upheld an apostolic simplicity of worship--no instruments. He once said, I had just as soon pray to God with machinery as to sing to God with machinery. The term A cappella comes from Latin, meaning, in the style of the church. While I do think some instruments are proper and may be used, these historical facts (and there are several more) reveal much about the early Church's view of worship. They protected it for they understood its importance. Maybe the heart need be the only instrument in worship making grateful heartfelt melodies when reflecting on God's great Person and works done for His glory.

Next, theologically Rock-n-Roll in the Church is man-centered, it takes away from the covenantal aspect of worship, it takes away the sense of awe and majesty of God in true worship, replacing it with some cheap emotional high, and it takes away from the Word preached, for Rock-n-Roll comes to be the drawing card for people to come and not the Word of God preached.

Reformed and Always Reforming,