I'm not young anymore, but I was once and was at one time into music of this type, but never to the extent that some are or were, nor was there the variety and depth available in the sixties and seventies when this got started and I was in college. Even so, the effects were not by any means healthy. The enemy is able to, and does, use music of all types, including folk, ballads, pop and other genre to send a false message, though the route there is often lying lyrics blended with pleasant tunes. Much of the music of the period in which I grew up was anti authority and rebellious in nature.

When I went back to school for a second degree and did some work with young people some ten or so years ago I was exposed to the more modern and extreme versions of this phenomena. One young person who I worked with was into a type of music that I think was called metalic rock, its been a while so I may not have that right and I have not stayed in touch with this area. This young person was heavily influenced by this type of music and I can say without any hesitation at all that one of the pieces that she asked me to listen to was satanic. I'm not talking about the lyrics only, I'm refering to the sound itself. I listened to it for only a minute or so and turned it off and burned it. It was evil, and it was obvious that it was evil.

Not all of rock n roll of course even approaches this type of music in it's overt tendency toward evil of course, but I believe the subtlety of the enemy is such that he offers that which is the mildest form of the poison which any given person will accept and then gradually increases the dose so that the unwary is slowly but surely drugged. Even if the material that a person listens to doesn't advance to that extreme stage, there is a quality to to the sound that is mind deadening and irreverent and which appeals to the baser instincts, and the lyrics are inevitable falacious.

Psalms, Hymns and spiritual songs in the Biblical sense are the only thing that should be allowed into the minds of those that desire to be holy, in my view.