I was your original metal banger before Christ. When I first became a Christian (Fundamental legalistic Christian) I did the typical barrel burning of the Rock and Roll records (I weep, when I reflect back upon all of that good music I destroyed, oh well) and I began listening to the typical pop Christian music, with a foray into Stryper. Interestingly enough, as I matured in my faith, and eventually left the legalistic fundamentalism, I came to see that CCM is all fluff for the most part. I think it was Steve Camp who called it "Jesus is your boy/girlfriend type music." I can't stomach to listen to any of it except for maybe Caedmon's Call and Fernando Ortega. Through my maturing as a believer, I have mellowed in my music taste. I love some country (Please, no "what do you get when you play country music backward" jokes), and I actually went back and re-collected some of my "burned" music, stuff like Sting and Rush. That is probably as about has secular and hard as I get. I also enjoy some selective movie sound tracks. However, what I have really come to love is Bach and Vivaldi. Classical music is just plain awesome. I would hope that the younger folks here would give it a listen. That stuff is just tremendous, especially if it is performed well.

Bach Rocks !!!


"Ah, sitting - the great leveler of men. From the mightest of pharaohs to the lowest of peasants, who doesn't enjoy a good sit?" M. Burns