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[color:"blue"]You are not only saved by Christ alone, but saved unto a lifestyle of Christ alone.

Are you sure that is the best way of expressing this, Joe? If I take you literally--it's an old habit of mine--I cannot distinguish what you are saying from the what the monastics have always said.

I do not have a lifestyle of Christ alone. Every day the majority of my time, energy and resources are allocated to, among others:

Meeting the needs of my Wife
Meeting the needs of my Children
Meeting the needs of my Body for sustenance and health care
Meeting the needs of my Employer (and a pagan at that!)
Reading Bible to self and family (whew! maybe that one qualifies)
Praying with self and family (make that two!)
Playing music (not only Bach, but occasionally the scandalous Mozart and Beethoven, not to mention Gilbert & Sullivan (well, S. was a Christian, I guess))
Paying bills (to non-Christian companies, primarily)
Reading the news from the secular media
Thinking about how to replace the dining room ceiling, a big chunk of which landed on the table last Saturday (for which we have praised God that no one got hurt, so that may get partial credit?)
and frequently
Reading, and Writing responses to, posts on this site

If I take you literally, when you say [color:red]If there is not enough of God for one to enjoy that one must supplement his listening to something other than Him, then one must ask how serious his relationship with God really is, I am in major trouble, because I hear much through the day (not just music, mind you) that is other than Him.

Could you please clarify your terms?

P.S. One of our newly-adopted daughter's favorite songs--in addition to "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus" and "Jesus Loves Me"--is:
"Did You Ever See A Lassie?" Do I infer from your statement [color:red]Music should worship and glorify God and not is that simple! that I am leading her astray, when we sing that song as we walk around the block, swinging her THIS WAY and THAT WAY?

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