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So Joe, just to clarify what you are saying in my mind, are you maintaining that all music must be worship music and that alone? There can be no great chorals or orchestral pieces if they are not meant for worshiping God? No opera? etc...

No. What I mean is that we should listen to music that has "truth" in it and that is edifying to God. Much of what I see in classical music (Classical music is not the only music that displays these types of lyrics....)--the words--do not seem to corrupt the image of God or glorify the fallen image of man in their lyrics .......I can sing a love song to my wife (she would throw me out of th house. I only sing solos, so low you can not hear me rofl ) and be completely Scriptural as long as it was truthful, et. al.

Though the Bible is truth, it is not the ONLY truth...... I am typing this on a computer...this is truth--(1) I am typing (2) this is a computer, but neither typing or computers are in the Scripture...... Music should be truthful and not glorify the sins of man and then I believe it is OK, but still it is on a case by case basis for me.

Reformed and Always Reforming,