Proper Christian music ?<br><br>Whats that ?<br><br>Do you mean Psalms , hymns and spiritual songs that are used in church ?<br><br>I can sepreate the music from the lyrics Joe . Its called selective listening.<br><br>Nowadays , I mainly listen to dance and rave which contain no lyrics , just fast and loud.<br><br>My unsaved background as an outlaw biker with guns and drugs etc, etc , serves me well that I can WITNESS to hells angels, punks, winnos,prostitutes et al .<br><br>Secular music causes ME as much trouble as spilt milk Joe. It has no detrimental effect on my Christian walk as it so obviously does you. YOU therefore should avoid it.<br><br>I avoid classical, jazz opera, country etc, etc, because I JUST DONT LIKE IT. It makes me depressed . Some folk like it - I am happy for them .<br><br>howard