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May I respectfully suggest you read in the Church Locator forum the thread Southern England +WCF.
Nothing has changed in the 3 months since posting .

I have in fact read that thread, and quite honestly, what seems not to have changed is your immediate resistance to nearly every positive exhortation you receive.

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If I'm not teachable , then , quite frankly , no one is.

Our church received a family several years ago. The father was a policeman who, just being awakened to the doctrines of sovereign grace from a false gospel, could not find adequate fellowship near his home. He drove his young family the equivalent of Bournemouth to London every Sunday for several months so that he could feed on the Word in communion with, and under the supervision of, a living church. No one thought it would be their permanent home, due to the distance, and in fact the Lord later directed them to a solid church they had not known of much closer to home. But during their months with us this gentle soul had many agonizing hours of discussion and prayer with several of us. This man's approach, Howard, unlike your own as evidenced in these posts, was teachable. When he asked a question, he listened to the response, without [color:red]cavilling, as you are prone. When I offered him Packer's Essay to read, he devoured it and thanked me for it, without [color:red]tearing it to shreds as you did. That attitude, Howard, is "teachability".

[color:blue]"Your boasting is not good."

Howard, before all else, you need to be in a church. You dismissed out of hand every suggestion that was given you. If you need to drive the 100 miles to be in a good church, do it, believing that the Lord will make it worth your while, and give you further directions later. But you cannot continue to defend your "teachability" and remain apart from the care of the church.

In Christ,
Paul S