Again... I openly challenge your hermeneutic, again! I don't recall these other "603" laws being carved in stone by the finger of God, being broken and then rewritten and stored in the Arc of the Covenant? [img]" alt="scratch" title="scratch[/img] Can you kindly point that passage of Scripture out to me please? Another item which I would like you to instruct me on is where are these other 603 laws recorded before they were given to Moses? The "Ten Commandments" were not new when spoken by God and written in stone at the time of Moses. They were millennia old, e.g., the commandment prohibiting murder is first read in regard to Cain's killing of Abel, iterated again at the time of Noah, etc.. What is known as the "Ten Commandments" was a universal law recognized by all people because they are MORAL in nature, where the other "603 laws" make up the Theocratic civil and ceremonial laws; some being types and shadows but all fulfilled by Christ.

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