Pilgrim,<br>I was simply doing what everybody else here seems to do. Instead of refuting some issue, they refer the poster to numerous and exhausting (literally) works that others have done. This often seems to be an attempt to simply end the issue without ever dealing with the issues at hand.<br><br>The issue at hand is my hermeneutic, which is simply the literal interpretation of BOTH Old and New Testament Scriptures when possible. I was having to do too many hermeneutical gymnastics when I was Reformed, and I realized it was an unethical treatment of Scripture. It completely ignored the Old Testament in its context, and read the Old Testament Scriptures in a way that nobody at that time ((i.e the time that they were written), would have understood.<br>Think about how the Old Testament is presented in Covenantal/Reformed theology. Would the original readers have understood it that way? <br><br>Steve

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