I have no objection to someone referring me to an article, website, etc., to augment their OWN arguments. But I simply don't find someone referring me to some obscure book, which I would have to buy as being helpful. grin
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Think about how the Old Testament is presented in Covenantal/Reformed theology. Would the original readers have understood it that way?

Absolutely! The fact that the Jews and particularly the Pharisees, the doctors of the Scriptures, charged the Lord Christ with breaking the Sabbath on more than one occasion, not to mention all that He taught concerning the Law (Moral), seems to indicate quite clearly that they fully understood the continuity of the covenant and its precepts.

Again, I will hopefully be posting some relevant and indepth articles concerning the Sabbath, re: it being a universal and perpetual MORAL law and its change from the Israelic Saturday to the Christian/Church Sunday, D.v. . . . stay tuned. Oh, I'm wondering if you have taken my recommendation and read through Dr. Francis Nigel Lee's treatise on: The Covenantal Sabbath, which I contend is irrefutable.

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