Calvinism has been defined in different ways (I want to make clear that I know what Calvin taught. If I state that a 4 pointer is a Calvinist, I know that he is not teaching exactly what Calvin taught. Calvinism is often a generic term for essentially believing fully in the sovereignty of God). I know some who say that if one even believes an Arminian is saved then you are not a Calvinist! <br><br>Most Dispensationalists hold to four of the five points of Calvinism. The point they disagree upon, of course, is the limited atonement. <br><br>A few of the sensationalist Dispensationalists (say that fast 10 times!) are Arminians. But the majority of the scholars including Robert Thomas, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Charles Ryrie, John Walvoord, JD Pentecost, Trevor Craigen, LS Chafer, etc. have been four pointers. Some, like John MacArthur even claim to be 5 pointers, but if you read him, he appears to really be a four pointer.<br><br>/scc/<br><br><br>

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