Are we talking about dispensationalists or dispensational seminaries?<br><br>Certainly we are talking about Dispensational scholars! Whenever people on this board talk about Covenantalists, they talk about Covenantal scholars. To do otherwise would simply be ridiculous, as we would be going off of hearsay.<br>For example....when I was in a conservative Presbyterian (OPC) church, very few people actually held to 5 points if you pressed them. Many held to one or two points at best. And every PCA church I have worked with is extremely Arminian! BUT, does that mean that most Reformed folks are not really Reformed? Of course not, because when, at this site, we talk about Reformed people, we are really talking about the scholars and the seminaries, aren't we?! <br><br>I bring this up, because I presume that would be your argument, that most Dispensationalists you know are Arminian. Even many of the churches are Arminian. But the scholars and seminaries, in general, aren't....unless we redefine Arminianism as anything but 5 point Calvinism.<br><br>Steve

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