Thank you for responding.

Going from back to front, I'm having trouble interpreting your response to what I thought was a simple "yes or no" question about your taking comfort in your opinion of man's will being the sole ground and ultimate cause of eternal security (a fair statement, no? since you deny that God will override any man's will in this matter). I THINK (though you did not use these words) you are saying, "Yes", that DOES give you comfort and purpose in life, since it gives you...a rationale for refuting those who hold to the opposite view. Am I near the mark?

Far more importantly, since these posts are, after all, about the nature of God rather than your personal motivations, I must point out that you made two irreconcilably contradictory statements in your reply.

First you stated: [color:red]I too believe that no one can stop God from doing what He is determined to do

But later you say: [color:red]I personally believe from the context of these passages that God does want to draw us to His grace

In other words "God wants to draw us to Himself, but He is not determined to bring it to pass"!

Is it possible, Josh, that you have fashioned such an impotent, pathetic "savior" because you do not realize the depth of your necessity for [color:blue]a Savior who is determined, and mighty, and able, to SAVE? who [color:red]was appalled that there was no one to intervene, so His own arm worked salvation for Him?

Maybe you are convinced that God needs a little help from you to help Him achieve His heart's desire--which seems to be your deciding to stay with Him forever.

I know that I need a Savior who truly saves the ungodly, wicked, dead, wounded, sick, blind, deaf, lost, rebellious, foul, weak and ignorant, showing me mercy when I deserve only wrath, graciously giving me all things in His beloved Son, and who has bound Himself with an inviolable oath to accomplish this, to the praise of His glory and grace.

Do we have two different Gospels here?

In Christ,
Paul S