Here's a telling quote from that article which I think sums it up nicely:<br><br>[color:blue]"God is a protector of human freedom and never he violates them."</font color=blue><br><br>This is the pretext...the rest of the article tries to support this "prime directive". <br><br>In order to avoid violating any free wills...He needs to be put down to size...<br><br>[color:blue]"As time proceeds, God changed his plan dynamically so that he could accomplish his plan of redemption of the cosmos." </font color=blue><br><br>Oh really? So there IS a shadow of turning afterall.... <br><br>And finally...<br><br>[color:blue]"Instead God left it for each individual to find his own way back. He left apologetics and evidences and not proofs. God left only road signs so that children will by their own volition will be able to return home. That makes a great God."</font color=blue><br><br>No thanks, not interested in any cheap imitations, please. <br><br>I think I'll just keep the Almighty God I currently worship. <br>