Dear Paul,<br><br>Am I a member of a local church...yes, I have been my entire life. But my situation is a bit odd because I am in the process of moving to another state to finish college, and have not found a church there yet. So I will answer your questions according to the church I have been attending. The church I have been attending is non-denominational/full gospel. I have never believed in or been a member of a church that believes in unconditional security, so I have never believed such; but most of the teaching I have received dealt little to none at all with the issue of predestination, as most modern non-Calvinist churches leave this subject alone. I am not one to blindly accept or reject a doctrine just because a pastor told me so. So I carefully studied the concept, ideas, scripture references, and arguments behind both sides of the eternal security issue, and do fully believe the idea of 'once saved, always saved' to be incorrect.<br><br> But to argue the point of eternal security does little good with Calvinists if one does not understand election and predestination, because the perseverance of the saints doctrine hinges heavily upon unconditional election; so several years ago, I began to study Calvinist doctrine as well and draw my own conclusions about the same. I hope that answers your questions.<br><br><br>In Christ,<br>Josh