Dear ReformedSBC,<br><br>This issue has been raised already, you may check out my arguments under the title 'characteristics of sheep,' which proves thoroughly that the 'sheep' spoken of here must be those that already believe. For example, Jesus said that His sheep would not heed the voice of another (John 10:5). If that is so, then does this also indicate that none of the elect (whom you contend are Christ's sheep) could ever heed the voice of another? If that is true, then no person who ever joined a cult could be saved.<br><br>IRT:<br>"Hence, that is why In John 6:37, as TOm pointed out, it says that They 'Will' come to Christ. It's not a maybe. See Romans 8:28-30."<br><br>I have already addressed this as well, I did not argue that it was a 'maybe,' simply that there were conditions for a person to be given to Christ.<br><br>In Christ,<br>Josh