John_C,<br><br>Here is a summary, with a table, that highlights some of the differences and similarities of the two views. I'm sure RonD will fill in anything that is missing or that he disagrees. <br>Partial_Preterism<br>(I definitely don't recommend anything on this site; I consider "full-preterism" or "Hyper-preterism" as outbounds of Orthodox). <br>Also, if you really want to dig in, just find the works of Ken Gentry or David Chilton( that is David Chilton before he crossed over to full-preterism shortly before his death).<br>One of his works is on-line:<br> ( it's called "Paradise Restored")<br><br>Btw, I am Amil all the way. If you do want a well done exposition of matthew 24 from a non-preterist perspective, see either the works of Herman N. Ridderbos' "coming of the kingdom", Kim Riddlebarger's "The case for Amil", or D.A Carson's commentary on Matthew 24.<br><br><br>in Christ,<br>Carlos

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