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[color:"blue"]Whoa! Big words...hurt eyes...brain exploding...MUST PURGE!!!

Could you all explain some of those really big words (most of which end in -ism)?

Let me put it this way:

Postmillennialism A+ [img]" alt="thewave" title="thewave[/img]

Partial Preterist A + [img]" alt="yep" title="yep[/img]

Amillennialism A- [img]" alt="joy" title="joy[/img]

Premillennialism C- [img]" alt="crazy" title="crazy[/img]

Dispensationalism D- [img]" alt="dizzy" title="dizzy[/img] [img]" alt="sad" title="sad[/img]

Full Preterist F- [img]" alt="nono" title="nono[/img] [img]" alt="nope" title="nope[/img]

Ron [img]" alt="grin" title="grin[/img]