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In other words, he argued well for an early date only to conclude with a late dating.Even if the late dating is the correct one, Reymond certainly never argued for it.

I came to a different conclusion. He seemed to play middle man in IMHO. Maybe I misundestood him, but in the sections that he would present an argument from an 'Early Date' defender( e.g. quoted Ken Gentry a few times), he would then follow up with an from a 'Late Date' defender(e.g. Hendriksen, Fowler, etc.). He seemed to play the fence,though in my view he seemed to favor the late date in those sections. Perhaps I was reading too much into the rebutalls to the early data. Yes, I would agree that his last few sentences were a low point. It is almost as if he just put his hand in a bag and pulled up a number. Nevertheless, I believe his outline and summary of the book of Revelations was outstanding. If you want a thorough defense of the late dating, see G. K. Beale's Commentary.

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