Sorry Ron.

Moslem countries generally do not encourage Christianity . I believe Christianity is 'forbidden' in some of them ?

Most non-Moslem countries permit the spread of the gospel (even China- more so each year) without too much hinderance .

Islam breeds Islam and the more stronghold it has the less stronghold the gospel has amongst them.

Of course , I know Gods will is being done on earth as it is in heaven , but from where I am stood , Islam will overtake Christianity in sheer numbers for the next few hundred years or so IMHO.

Roman Catholicism was Christianities biggest enemy for an entire age and Islam is our threat today and will be for quite some time perhaps.

Are there more saved people than unsaved alive today ?

What about a 1000 years ago , or 3000 , or a thousand years from now ?

Each passing day , I believe that more people reject Christ than accept Him .