Spurgeon was historic Premil as Gerry Indicated.
Here's an extensive treament on Spurgeon's eschatology by a historic premil defender.
Charles H. Spurgeon and Eschatology:
Did He Have a Discernible Millennial Position?

In regards to idea of "literal" 1000 years, read the whole book of Revelation and you will note the "SYMBOLISM" in the apocalyptic literature, even in regards to numbers. Please see the Venema article that I provided the link for . He states the case for the symbolism of 1000 years far better that I can.

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According to the amil position, when is Armageddon? What is the mark of the Beast? Which passages pertain to the destruction of the Temple, and which pertain to the time of tribulation before Christ returns?

Rather than me answering with just one liners, I think it's much better that you get an overview of each chapter surrounding some of those issues. Here are excellent sermons by Dr. Kim Riddlebarger on those questions.

For mark of the beast:
(Also see Hoeksema's treament, Mark of the Beast)

As far as the issues relation to the destruction of the temple, you will have to get from someone who defends from a partial-preterist point of view. I believe that David Chilton's "Vengeance of Days" is online.

As to nature of the book of revelation, see Anthony Hoekema's writings that is on the Highway. It's good read and should answer some of the other questions, from an Amil perspective. [img]" alt="readit" title="readit[/img]

This should keep you busy for a few weeks [img]" alt="laugh" title="laugh[/img]. Take up and Read!

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