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[color:"blue"]Of course, I disagree with more than just his doctrine of the Trinity..

So would I. I disagree with his treatment of Romans 7:14-25, his defense of supra [I can't spell this word, so I'm not going to even bother[img]" alt="heavy" title="heavy[/img]. Although, certain sections I really like: Extent of the atonement, Soteriolgy, the Covenants, Federal Headship, Eschatalogy (minus the partial-preterism). In most, of these sections He quoted Hodge, Murray, Warfield, and Vos [ and perhaps that's why I like those onessmile
I have not read the other sections. So much things to read with so little time. Charle Hodge's systematics is still my favorite, minus the latin quotations.

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