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[color:"blue"] Most "partial" preterists (and I prefer to use the term orthodox preterists because the other term was coined to make us OPs appear to believe only part of what the Bible teaches) believe that there is yet a future fulfilment of the very same prophecies.

I may be wrong, but many non-Preteriests can make the same statement about future fulfillments. So, is everyone a preteriest (OP or PP) but we do not know it. Are the OP (PP) inferring something else with that statement, or is that not the major issue driving the OP (PP) position? If not, then what is the driving issue.

(Maybe on these echatology issues, I know more what I don't believe than do)

John Chaney

"having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith . . ." Colossians 2:7