Your hypothetical statement is not worth the response -thus my dizzy smilie. Even my wife read it and wondered what you were talking about [Linked Image]

I am not going to fall out with anyone over eschatology , unless its dispy pre-mil of course, so say all you want .

It would do you no harm if you were to look into Islam to see just what Christianity is up against even though your "so what" attitude makes me think that you dont care about it . Dont ignore Satan - he has but a short time left so get aquainted with his device of Islam so at least you can witness against it .

Do you witness to Moslems and Papists ? I do . "So what" , could well be your response . You are not a hyper-calvinist btw are you ? Do you just sit back and say "so what, God will do it " ?

We are in a war zone as christians , not on a picnic ! Wake up to it Ron .