Carlos,<br><br>Jonathan Edwards has been a great influence on many people including John Piper. In Piper's book "God's Passion for His Glory" he writes about living the vision of Jonathan Edwards. Piper says "the longer I live, the more clearly I see my dependence on those who have gone before. The more I know what others have thought, the less original my thinking appears. I am content to have it so. For, at least in the realm of truth, the ancient Preacher does not overstate the case when he says, 'There is nothing new under the sun' (Ecclesiates 1:9)." <br><br>This book also includes Edwards great work, "The End For Which God Created The World." God's ultimate end is the manifestation of His glory in the highest happiness of his creatures. I think Piper captures this vision from Edwards also in his outstanding book "The Pleasure's of God." Which is one of my favorite books.<br><br>Piper also wrote a book called "The Legacy of Sovereign Joy." This book is a testamony to God's grace in the lives of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin. This book also demonstrates how much Piper was influenced by those who have gone before. He writes, "Sovereign joy was Augustine's song of grace, and it was unprecedented. His discovery of satisfaction in God alone delivered him from a lifetime of bondage to lust and pride - and offers us the same kind of freedom."<br><br>He writes, "Sacred study and the supremacy of the Word of God was Luther's cry. Through him we come to see the outpouring of joy that flows from the Scriptures - and from knowing their Author."<br><br>Last but not least he writes, "The majesty of the Gospel so captivated Calvin that he bequeathed to us a legacy of God-entranced preaching that has resonated throughout 500 years of Christian history. Likewise, he opens our eyes to the pure delight of declaring, receiving, and acting upon the Word."<br><br>Their lives have inspired every generation of believers and should compel us to a greater passion for God.<br><br>Wes

When I survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of Glory died, my richest gain I count but loss and pour contempt on all my pride. - Isaac Watts