Carlos,<br>Here are a few that I have. <br> <br><blockquote>Thou has made us for thyself O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in thee. <br>Augustine</blockquote> <br><br>This one is like hitting you in the face with cold water! Not very comforting, but very true.<br><blockquote>If any man thinks ill of you, do not be angry with him, for you are worse than he thinks you to be. If he charges you falsely at some point, yet be satisfied, for if he knew you better he might change the accusation and you would be no gainer for the correction. If you have your moral portrait painted and it is ugly, be satisfied, for it only needs a few blacker touches and it would be nearer to the truth. <br>C. H. Spurgeon</blockquote><br><br><blockquote>Long ago I ceased to count heads. Truth is usually in the minority in this evil world. I have faith in the Lord Jesus for myself, a faith burned into me as with a hot iron, I thank God, what I believe I shall believe, even if I believe it alone. <br>C. H. Spurgeon</blockquote><br><br><blockquote>When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your calling, and peace has become sin; you must at the price of dearest peace, lay your convictions bare before friend and enemy, with all the fire of your faith.<br>Abraham Kuyper</blockquote><br><br><blockquote>We ask his blessing on what we are doing, but oh how often do we seek him, himself! God, and the Lord Jesus Christ and the presence of the Spirit in our lives, that is true Christianity.<br>Martyn Lloyd-Jones</blockquote><br><br><blockquote>Whatever weakens your reason, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, takes off your relish for spiritual things, whatever increases the authority of the body over the mind, that thing is sin to you however innocent it may seem in itself.<br>Suzanna Wesley</blockquote><br><br>Susan<br>