Hola Saints,<br>Well, at around five last night I and thirteen other hardy souls returned to Flagstaff, Arizona after a four day mission trip to LA. I felt a little gipped when I found out that we were only going to be in the City for four days. But we did enough work to fill up a month. It was a trip of extremes. We went from rags to riches everyday. I witnessed to a security guard for the Academy Awards named Roger on Hollywood blvd. Tues night and then a self professed bum named Richard a few block from Pershing Square on Wednesday morning. I was able to play with skid row kids and be like a little child. The last night that we were there we took part in a karaoke night at a church in skid row. I sang "How Great Thou Art" to pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers, drug addicts. <br> I think the biggest lesson that I learned was that I really am nothing apart from Him. The first day I went to an awesome black church in South Central and was floored by how little I honor and glorify God in worship and witness. I was just in tears by how this church grieved over their sin and their praise and brokeness for God's ministry in their lives. After the service we went a retirement home. I spent most of my time outside because the residents spent most of their time smoking inside. It was outside that I met a blind black man named Willy. Willy witnessed to me for a half hour leading me from one verse to another. I learned from this experience how to witness to someone and it came in handy when I was lead to witness to Richard. Everyday I saw horribly sad things. But in that same day the Lord showed how active the Holy Spirit is in LA. While no one was converted during our trip I am sure that the Lord will bless our work with the conversion of many souls. But I was involved in converting an Arminian on our team to a more Reformed view of scripture. So thank you all for your prayers God is so faithful.