It may be wondered what contribution a recollection of Machen’s struggle in the first part of this century can make to our present scene. It must be remembered that Machen lived and worked at the height of the Liberal versus Fundamentalism controversy and was strongly coloured by it. Machen saw Liberalism as a threat to the foundations of the Christian faith and this accounts for his uncompromising stand. Although the radical liberalism of that time has now receded, it cannot be said that the conflict is over. A clearer understanding of the issues for which Machen fought would challenge the church of the eighties to be more alert to the insidious influences of a non-Biblical basis. The history of the church since Machen’s death in 1937 has shown that the threat has not lessened although it presents itself in somewhat different forms (The Churchman, vol. 1, 1988).

Some of the topics addressed by Machen in this article are:
  • The Christian Faith
  • Theology — True and False
  • The Being of God
  • The Bible

Although this article is short and thus takes little time to read, Machen's remarks will provide hours of contemplation.

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