In 1982 I wrote an extended review of Dr Greg Bahnsen’s Theonomy in Christian Ethics which was subsequently published in the May issue of Vox Reformata, the theological journal of the Reformed Theological College in Geelong, Australia. In this review
I took note of Bahnsen’s threefold definition of theonomy, namely, that “God’s Word is authoritative over all areas of life (the premise of a Christian world-and-life-view), that within the Scripture we should presume continuity between Old and New
Testament principles and regulations until God’s revelation tells us otherwise (the premise of covenant theology), and that therefore the Old Testament law offers us a model for socio-political reconstruction in our day”.

This is a very informative article on the subject of Theonomy/Reconstructionism and which deals with the following 5 sub-topics:

1. Are Old Testament case laws to be enforced today?
2. What does “fulfil” in Matthew 5:17-20 mean?
3. Theonomy’s attempt to make Moses still binding after all.
4. The relevance of the already/not yet aspect of the present era.
5. Divine law in relation to the present era.

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For later reading, you can find this article in the Contemporary Issues section of Calvinism and the Reformed Faith.

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