If all that has been previously said will not stop men in their sins, I shall add little more; only let me make this one motion to them, that they would remember their mortality and think seriously how soon a change may come, and how terrible it will be to die in their sins, John 8:21. For this purpose, let them hearken to this deathwatch in the text, “I will wait till my change come.”

In this Article of the Month which will start off the new year, I thought it prudent that there be an article that would grasp hold of that which is most important; the inevitability of death. That which comes at the end of everyone's life is worth considering at the beginning of life as it will effect all that occurs thereafter. Thomas Watson, one of the better known preachers of the 1600's and best known for two of his works, A Body of Practical Divinity and A Divine Cordial, expounds upon the text from Job 14:14: "I will wait till my change come." He deals with three basic essentials concerning death:

1. Death is a change.
2. This change will come.
3. It is a high part of Christian prudence to wait until this change comes.

Watson's presentation will require much and deep contemplation of the mind, heart and soul. But the rewards to be gleaned far exceed that which is spent.

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