Christian patience has little in common with its namesakes found among men and women who live as “good neighbors” but are strangers to the grace of God. For in the heart that is not born anew true patience cannot grow. Such a heart has not the needed soil, and the atmosphere of the unsanctified life tends rather to wither it. A light brighter than the light of the sun, light from God Himself, unfolds its blossoms.

This month's Article of the Month is a magnificent presentation of the biblical teaching concerning Christian patience. Abraham Kuyper presents the teaching under 8 sub-headings which are:

  1. Patience a Rarity
  2. We Glory in Strength
  3. For Love of God
  4. A Strength of the Spirit
  5. Meekness
  6. The Man of Sorrows
  7. Maranatha
  8. Cross Bearing

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