The contention that Calvin’s view of the inspiration of Scripture was not the high doctrine of plenary, verbal inspiration, espoused by the Reformed dogmaticians of the seventeenth century, has emanated from many quarters. It is noteworthy that within the last few years this question has received from students of Calvin thorough and exacting treatment. It is gratifying that the two studies which this present decade has produced and which have brought the most pains-taking research to bear on the question have reached the same conclusion that in Calvin’s esteem the original Scriptures were inerrant.

This month's Article of the Month, written by the late professor John Murray, although seemingly dated, is in fact most relevant to the times in which we are now living. How so? one may ask. The simple fact is, "Calvinism" albeit not a system of doctrine which originated not with John Calvin yet popularly associated with him, has been, now is and always will be under attack. And this should not come as any surprise, for Calvinism as a true summary of biblical truth exalts the LORD God as the sovereign Creator and Ruler of all things and refuses to paint mankind as anything other than what he truly is; a race under the wrath and condemnation of God and within which are found spiritually dead and helpless totally depraved sinners. Of a truth, there is far more to biblical Calvinism than these two points yet these are two of the most hated and rejected by the world and even the majority of churches.

So, how would one go about discrediting this system of doctrine called Calvinism? One of the best ways would be to undermine the foundation upon which it stands. Some attack the person of John Calvin . . . foolishly I might add, thinking that Calvinists are worshippers of John Calvin the man. Others prefer to attack the core foundation from which Calvin's writings were based; his view of Scripture. Thus, if they could prove that John Calvin held to a weak view of Scripture, then in conclusion one could then say that his doctrines are not biblical but mainly a product of his own imagination.

In this article, John Murray shows that Calvin held to a very high view of the Bible, something which many today would do well to follow. This is a great read.

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