Calvinism is the Gospel. Its outstanding doctrines are simply the truths that make up the Gospel. Departure from Calvinism, therefore, is apostasy from the Gospel of God's grace in Christ. Our defense of Calvinism, then, will proceed as follows. First, we will show that Calvinism is the Gospel. This is necessary because of its detractors, who criticize it as a perversion of the Gospel. Second, we will defend it as the Gospel. In doing this, we carry out the calling that every believer has from God. Paul wrote that he was “set for the defense of the Gospel” (Philippians 1:17). I Peter 3:15 calls every believer to give an answer, an “apology,” or defense, to everyone who asks us a reason for the hope that is in us. As the name indicates, Calvinism is a certain teaching associated with John Calvin; it refers to Biblical doctrines that he propounded.

As the above quote from the article reveals, the author sets for a defense of Calvinism and being nothing less than the biblical Gospel, albeit a summary to be sure. But nonetheless, to reject Calvinism is therefore to reject the Gospel. Without doubt, to make such a claim is akin to throwing down the gauntlet which will invariably raise the ire of multitudes today, especially those who profess Christianity. Of course, there is the suggested option to not even broach the matter of the Gospel in this manner but rather to keep silent and exude an attitude of toleration toward others who differ. Yet, those who would suggest this course of action are generally those who protest much and the loudest against Calvinism and such claims. Isn't this hypocrisy?

Despite the potential for objections of all kinds, the article is definitely worthy of its inclusion on The Highway and I encourage you to exercise tolerance and read it.

You can read it here: A Defense of Calvinism as the Gospel

Or, for later reading, you can find it on The Highway website in "Calvinism and the Reformed Faith" and in the "Evangelism" section.

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