Here is a Romans 5 Poem by William Hendriksen. It was edifying; and thus decided to type up the Long poem and post it.<br>I pray that someone may benefit from it. <br><br>In Christ,<br>Carlos<br><br>Verses 1,2 Therefore, Since we’ve been justified<br> By FAITH, we’ve peace with God, and side<br> With him in Christ, through whom we gain<br> Access by faith, and we’ll remain<br> In this same grace in which we stand.<br> With joy we HOPE to reach the land<br> Where God his glory will display<br> When Darkness changes into day.<br>Verses 3,5 And sufferings, too, we greet with cheer<br> Because they make us persevere<br> And mold our character, and then<br> This character builds hope again,<br> A hope that disappoints us ne’er;<br> For through his Spirit, which is e’er<br> Our portion, did our gracious God<br> His LOVE so richly spread abroad.<br>Verses 6-8 The time was ripe and we were weak<br> And even godless, when to seek<br> The lost, yes many, far and wide,<br> Christ Jesus came and for us died.<br> It rarely happens that a man<br> For someone who is righteous can<br> Be found to die. But though it’s rare<br> Yet for a good man one might dare<br> To give his life. But for God above<br> Showed his incomparable love<br> In that, while we were sinners still<br> Christ died for us. Such was his will.<br>Verses 9,10 Hence, since we’ve now been justified,<br> And Jesus for our sins has died,<br> We know that we shall surely be<br> From future wrath forever free.<br> For if the greater deed God wrought<br> For those who then were in his thought<br> Still enemies, then will not he<br> The lesser do, and readily?<br> Will he who woos the enemy<br> Not bless a friend, whoe’er he be?<br> If through Christ’ DEATH we friends became<br> Of God, then all the more the name<br> Of Christ, the LIVING One, will save<br> And make us conquerors o’er the grave.<br>Verse 11 ‘Tis good these happenings to record<br> But better still is to the Lord<br> To render joyful songs of praise<br> For having made us friends through grace.<br>Verse 12 ‘Twas through one man that sin began<br> And also death through this one man.<br> In this one man did all men sin,<br> And through this sin did death begin.<br>Verses 13,14 Now, long before God’s law was given,<br> Sin filled world and cried to heaven.<br> From Adam until Moses when<br> The writing of God’s law began,<br> Death ruled supreme on every hand,<br> Though breaking God’s express command,<br> AS ADAM DID, THAT wicked deed<br> None could soon afterward repeat.<br> Now Adam, type of Christ was he,<br> Since each one mankind’s Head would be.<br>Verses 15-17 Far stronger than man’s sin is grace,<br> Far more effective in its place:<br> One fearful sin laid many low,<br> But grace made many overflow.<br> God’s judgment condemnation brought;<br> Christ’ blood justification bought.<br> ONE sin, and judgment came to stay,<br> But grace wiped all our sins away!<br> Now if the trespass of the one<br> Brought DEATH to each and everyone,<br> Then HOW MUCH MORE will they be blessed<br> On whom God’s grace and righteousness<br> Has been bestowed! Through him, the Door,<br> They’ll enter life forevermore.<br>Verses 18,19 Just as a single sin plunged all<br> Of Adams’ seed into the fall,<br> The condemnation, so one deed<br> Of righteousness fulfilled the need<br> Of the whole world. All who believe<br> Justification will receive.<br> As one man’s disobedience caused<br> The many to be counted lost,<br> So, too, One Man’s submissiveness<br> Will bring to many righteousness<br>Verses 20,21 The law came in besides. ‘Twas so<br> The sense of sin might keener grow.<br> But when that consciousness increased,<br> Grace topped it, and this never ceased.<br> Result was this: O’er death reigned Sin,<br> Bu all the while Grace ruled within<br> The heart, as Conqueror in the strife,<br> Bringing, through Christ, eternal Life!<br>

"Let all that mind...the peace and comfort of their own souls, wholly apply themselves to the study of Jesus Christ, and him crucified"(Flavel)