Salvation is a blessing peculiar to the righteous. The ungodly do not, as a rule, believe that they have any need of salvation: therefore they do not desire it, or seek after it. The righteous know that they are born in a fallen state; they acknowledge that they have destroyed themselves by personal sin; and they are conscious of a thousand dangers which surround them. Hence they need salvation, and seek it, and find it. It is to them that salvation has come to make them righteous, for until they are saved they are unrighteous, even as others; but now that salvation has come to their house, they bring forth the fruits of righteousness to the glory of God their Saviour.

This month's Article of the Month is a gem from C.H. Spurgeon; a sermon on Psalm 37:39. As the title implies, Spurgeon expounds on the free and sovereign grace of salvation from God. He also expounds on its benefits to those whom it has been given with those who have no need of salvation, at least in their own estimation. However, Spurgeon concentrates the majority of his thoughts on explaining and extolling God's salvation in the fact that it is and must be free and sovereign.

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