User Avatars are those funny little pictures that appear in your profile & next to your username whenever you make a post. You can see that mine is a miniature representation of Rembrandt's famous painting of the Prodigal Son. With the recent upgrade to our Board, some of these avatars had to be moved to a new directory. As a result, you may notice that your avatar now displays as the dreaded red x. eek If you have this problem, it can be rectified. yep

You will first need to go up to the top of the page & find the menu item called "My Stuff." Click on this item & a drop-down menu will appear. From this drop-down menu choose "Profile." This will pull up the page where you can edit information about yourself. You might as well fill in all those empty fields before we go on.


It's not that hard to remember what you do for a living, is it? [Linked Image]


What do you mean you don't have a favorite author? Don't you read? banghead


Well, aren't you done yet?! mad

Okay, okay. So you've finished filling out your profile info. (About time! giggle) At the bottom portion of the page you'll notice the section for your user avatar. The first item here is "Your current avatar." If you don't have an avatar selected, this will be blank. If you do & you have the problem I mentioned at the beginning of this post, you will see the dreaded red x. eek

There are four options with radio buttons to choose from. If you have an avatar & no longer wish to have one, click the first radio button, "I no longer want to have an avatar." (If you don't have an avatar, this option won't do anything special. bingo) If you wish to choose a new avatar, or to choose an avatar for the first time, you will want to take one of the next three options:

  • Upload your avatar. This is best if you have an image on your own computer that you'd like to use to represent you on the Board. Then click the "Browse..." button & find the picture in your files. (This is what I did for my current avatar.)
  • URL to your avatar. Choose this if the image you want to use is located somewhere on the Internet. It's best to do this only with a site you own or have permission to use the images.
  • Use a stock avatar. To do this, you'll need to first click the radio button & then click the "Change" link next to the empty box. This will cause a window to pop up that displays the avatars available through The Highway's online directory. There are quite a number of them to choose from. To see them all you have to click on the ">>" arrows to see the next group, etc. Once you find one you like, click once on the image, then click "Use this Avatar" & the pop-up window will close. The avatar you chose should now display in the previously empty box.
Once you've done all that, go ahead & click submit. Your profile edit page will reload & you should see a message in the top right corner that says Your settings have been updated. If you don't get that message, & everything you entered in seems to have disappeared ... Well, you'd best just start over.

Otherwise, CONGRATULATIONS! thewave You now have the avatar of your choice. grin

As always, if you have any problems, please let us know by posting in the HELP Forum, or by contacting an Administrator, Global Moderator, or Moderator by private message.