To start of the new year; 2017 we have the fourth installment of J.C. Ryle's Warnings to the Churches for your enjoyment, instruction and sanctification in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am going to direct attention to one of the most solemn and emphatic warnings which the Lord Jesus ever delivered: “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” On this text I wish to erect a beacon for all who desire to be saved, and to preserve some souls, if possible, from making their lives a shipwreck. The times call loudly for such beacons: the spiritual shipwrecks of the last twenty-five years have been deplorably numerous. The watchmen of the Church ought to speak out plainly now, or forever hold their peace.

I am always impressed how apropos such statements made long ago are for our own day. The state of things hasn't changed much since the Fall. Mankind continues to assault the God of heaven and deny Him the honor, glory and worship deserved. But God is a merciful God and hasn't consigned the entire human race to judgment but He has extended His eternal love and grace to a most undeserving remnant by calling them by His Spirit out of darkness to the Light of their Redeemer Christ Jesus and preserved them by the indwelling Spirit, Who sanctifies them unto the image of Christ Himself.

Thus, it is undeniably the case that the visible Church is in dire straits. It is filled with not only false believers but too many of its leaders are unregenerate themselves. False teachers abound to the peril of so many needy souls and to the detriment of those who are united to Christ by a true living faith due to the lack of solid spiritual food being offered. Far too many are in a state of denial concerning either themselves and/or their denomination or local church. It is more often than not, "We are just fine, but they over there are the ones to be watched." Judgment must begin with the house of God, wrote the Apostle Peter (1Pet 4:17).

May the Lord open the minds and hearts of all who read Ryle's words and impress them deeply as is appropriate upon those who slumber and who are unaware of the danger that surrounds them.

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