The article for this month was authored by J.C. Ryle, of whom I hope many if not all of you are familiar with. The title of the article is "Growth", i.e., growth in holiness and the biblical text he used as a foundation for what he wrote is: “Grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” - 2 Peter iii. 18.

The subject of the text which heads this page is one which I dare not omit in this volume about Holiness. It is one that ought to be deeply interesting to every true Christian. It naturally raises the questions, Do we grow in grace? Do we get on in our religion? Do we make progress?

To a mere formal Christian I cannot expect the inquiry to seem worth attention. The man who has nothing more than a kind of Sunday religion - whose Christianity is like his Sunday clothes, put on once a week, and then laid aside - such a man cannot, of course, be expected to care about “growth in grace.” He knows nothing about such matters. “They are foolishness to him.” (1 Cor. ii. 14.) But to every one who is in downright earnest about his soul, and hungers and thirsts after spiritual life, the question ought to come home with searching power. Do we make progress in our religion? Do we grow?
I remember vividly, which is a rare thing for me lately giggle a phrase that a radio personality used to say at the end of every broadcast years ago which he obviously coined from this same text (2Peter 3:18)... "Grow in grace or groan in disgrace!" BigThumbUp


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