The account of the origin of heaven and earth converges in the first chapter of Genesis upon the creation of man. The creation of the other creatures, of heaven and earth, of sun and moon and stars, of plants and animals, is reported in brief words, and there is no mention made at all of the creation of the angels. But when Scripture comes to the creation of man it lingers long over him, describes not only the fact but also the manner of his creation, and returns to the subject for further broad consideration in the second chapter.

This particular attention devoted to the origin of man serves already as evidence of the fact that man is the purpose and end, the head and crown of the whole work of creation. And there are various material details which also illuminate the superior rank and worth of man among the creatures.
Rare it is that one can find an institution, school, professor or teacher that will even mention to actual, true origin of the human race. How sad that is, for the dignity and purpose of man is inevitably lost in the fabricated jargon of "expert's" theories which deliberately and unashamedly reject God. However, Dr. Herman Bavinck who was raised up by God to be a student of God's revealed truth, the Bible, was given a marvelous understanding of that truth and a wonderful ability to convey it to others so that they too might be transformed into the image of Christ. Sooooo, this month's article is a prime target for today's "Cancel Culture" for it contradicts the secular lies about man's origin, essence, and purpose as God's pinnacle of creation.


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