Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.—1 PET. 1:9.

Doct. That the end and reward of faith is the salvation of our souls.

I shall open the point by explicating three questions:—

1. What is this salvation of our souls?

2. What right the believer hath to it?

3. What is that saving faith which giveth us a title to it? The last is most important.
Have you ever contemplated the complexity, depth, the end of true saving faith? Too often, I fear, when asked about Christian faith, the typical answer might be, "Oh, faith is by grace" on the more conservative side. And on the more evangelical side, it might be, "Faith is becoming friends with God...". But these answers are hardly sufficient to describe all the wonders of saving faith. Let Thomas Manton take you on a short walk through some of the Excellencies of the faith that is owned by Christ's sheep and so infinitely needed by those who are not.

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