Tom, I do believe that some Klinean adherents went further than just keeping out of state affairs in a truly transformative sense but actually became proponents of sinful and depraved public policy like same sex marriage. For some, if you give an inch of separation in a certain sphere, they find some carnal liberation and never turn back. I still prefer an ideal of a Calvin or Luther. If you live in a day of religious consciousness that is truly a blessing. I also had high esteem for Augustine and his Godly separation/distinction during his day (City of God vs city of man). When the influence of the Church is grand there are some trappings and when it’s not there are some great blessings in spite of it all. I ultimately find either side of this argument a bit of a trap and the whole debate a bit of a distraction. What one brings to the debate in intent and desire says more about the person, than even the practicality of the position.

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