THE discussion of regeneration will be made sufficiently complete for the purposes of this little treatise by an exposition of its evidences. The reality of the change cannot be disputed, either as a doctrine of the Scriptures or as a matter of experience. But the reality and soundness of any particular instance of professed conversion is an issue which is to be proved, and hence the importance of a clear understanding of the scriptural evidences which prove it. The necessity of this proof arises from the fact that the nature of the change is a question of inference and not of consciousness. The fact of a change of some sort is a matter of consciousness, but the real nature of that conscious change is necessarily a question of inference by a comparison of the marks of a genuine conversion as laid down in the word of God, and the facts as reported by self-examination into the conscious experiences of the soul.
It has always puzzled me for nearly 50 years that the "personal testimony" of an individual's experience, i.e., "testimony" has been the focus of attention in the majority of churches which is taken as "proof" of genuine conversion. It likewise has been taught that this personal experience is to be embraced as a sure sign of genuine conversion. My problem with this long-standing and popular view is that the ground of it is purely subjective. The question needs to be asked should be, "Is there an objective source that provides a basis for determining the verity of true conversion, which is the result of the Holy Spirit's sovereign and secret work of regeneration? The answer is a definite "Yes!". And that source is the supernatural, inspired, infallible and inerrant written Word of God. There is one caveat, however, and that is the misapplication of what is written, whether intentionally or unintentionally by men. C.R. Vaughn wrote a wonderful treatise on regeneration and this month's article is the tail end of it. The right use of the fruit of regeneration is eternally important to understand both for those who are deceived as to their spiritual state and for those who have been truly and radically changed by the power of God and who are now adopted children yet lack in assurance of their salvation.

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