I know the topic of cremation has been discussed before on cremation.
I for one do not want to be cremated.

However, in talking to many others of Reformed persuasion, they seem to disagree.

For example:
Tom Hardy Tom, you know God is sovereign, He also rules in providence. He cause what He wants to happen and allows what He'll allow to happen. Nothing is outside His control. a) He allowed Jonathon to be cremated and he was a godly man and the closest friend to David whom God's word says was a man after His own heart. b) God's word did not give a requirement for buriel but he sure did give a massive about of all types of requirements in the OT. Yet again, there is no requirement on mode od buriel. c) There are more poor Christians in the world striving to be under a roof, have enough food, be clothed. Just because pagans are known for creamating the dead doesn't mean on top of no requirement by God that we as a result need to pay for expensive burials. 4) The money saved can not only help families in financial difficulty already but the extra funds saved to use foe thr glory of Gkd as we are to He a good steward for him. Christians with extra money saved can give more to those in the minsotry allocating money where God leads them to, to help so many. People can buy more Gospel tracts to hand out as a way to also testify that way of repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ lost sinners so desperately needs. That's enough points for now other than one more which MacArthur made clear of which Christians should all be in agreement with, and it's worth repeating:

What we need to focus on as Christians is not how to dispose of our earthly bodies, but that one day new bodies will be fashioned for us like our Lord's glorious resurrection body (see Phil. 3:21; cf. Luke 24:30-40; John 20:19, 26; 21:1-14; and Acts 1:1-9 to get an idea of what to look forward to). That transformation will be eternal!

I am curious on how you would respond to this argument, if at all.