We have met this day to humble our souls, and to bring our censer, as once Aaron did, and step in—that the wrath of the great God may be appeased. And was there ever more need to lie in sackcloth, than when the kingdom almost lies in ashes? or to shed tears, than when this nation has shed so much blood? These days are called in scripture, Soul-afflicting days, Lev. 23:9. “For whatever soul it be that shall not be afflicted in that same day, he shall be cut off from among his people.” And certainly that may be one reason why there is so much state-affliction, because there is so little soul-affliction. Our condition is low, but our hearts are high in pride. God sees with what hearts we now come, what is our spring, what our center; his eye is upon us. So says my text, “All things are naked and open.”
We are often encouraged to do personal 'soul searching', to contemplate what part we played in a certain event, or why we uttered some words to someone which did more harm than good, etc. But, Thomas Watson reveals to us that God also searches our hearts and knows us far better than any of us could possibly know. Of course, He has different reasons for doing that searching of our hearts of which the two main ones are: to reveal the depravity of unbeliever's souls that they may be convicted of their sinfulness and repentant and believe upon Christ. And secondly, He opens the hearts of His adopted children to show them likewise but so that they may be sanctified and worship Him with increased love, devotion and zeal. How God does this and what happens to us is thus presented by Mr. Watson many years ago but which are more than applicable today in the year 2022.

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