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#58200 Thu Nov 24, 2022 12:39 PM
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Tom Offline OP
Needs to get a Life
OP Offline
Needs to get a Life
Joined: Apr 2001
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A friend sent me the following and I thought it was worth sharing.

The Call

Then everything changed, first for me and our DTRA-funded research group, and then for the world.

I took a call on my cell phone on January 4, 2020, from a fellow physician who had been in Wuhan, China, for some unknown period of time via an academic exchange program with a Chinese university. Dr. Michael Callahan is a brilliant infectious disease and intensive care specialist with both a long history of working at the forefront of biodefense and medical countermeasure development as well as a faculty appointment at Harvard University. Many years before, he had been introduced to me as a CIA employee and key DARPA leader, but his status regarding the CIA as of January 4, 2020, was and remains unknown to me. Michael and I had copublished academic papers in the past (involving the Zika virus outbreak) during my Atheric Pharmaceutical days, and I knew that he was exceptionally well-connected with those who live in the edgy gray zone of global infectious disease outbreaks and the US intelligence community. Of course, he knew that I had previously succeeded in collaborating with leading scientists at USAMRIID, the nation’s biodefense epicenter, to identify repurposed drugs active against the Zika virus. Michael called to warn me that there was a new coronavirus on the loose in Wuhan, China, and to recommend that I get my group spun up to apply our tools, skills, and knowledge to address this new biothreat. And with that fateful call, our quiet lives on our Virginia horse farm were completely transformed. Jill and I had been at the forefront of so many of these outbreaks in the past: HIV, the Anthrax spore events, influenza virus (multiple times), West Nile, Ebola, Zika, etc. Our initial response to the alert call from Michael Callahan was a reflexive “here we go again,” with a topper of “time to get going.”

Having a proven ability to make a difference is both a gift and a curse. Chaos reigns early in a potential infectious disease pandemic. As if God’s hand were guided by the words of Shakespeare’s Mark Antony: “Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war.” The onset of war is the proper metaphor, and the fog of war descends over everything. For those at the tip of the spear, it gives rise to an addictive sustained adrenaline rush like no other, coupled with constant risk of going overboard if you lose perspective.


Once again, we got to work. Jill is very local community-oriented, and she poured her heart, mind, and soul into writing a kind of survival manual for those at risk and self-published the book via Amazon. An avid reader, she had become a big fan of self-published books and her Kindle. I threw myself into getting the team assembled for the DTRA project spun up and providing direction by diving into the coronavirus literature and selecting a specific protein target to apply the repurposed drug discovery/computational docking tools to. I helped Jill with her book by collecting and expanding some of the thoughts and comments I had been posting on LinkedIn to create content about the virology and immunology and assisted on editing the text. We worked like demons, side by side, day after day, and she was able to self-publish during the first week in February 2020. Within a mere five weeks, she completed the first edition of Novel Coronavirus: A Guide for Preparation and Protection.

Meanwhile, I got my scientific research group motivated, energized, and activated to volunteer their time, skills, knowledge, and abilities to try to discover repurposed drugs able to act as inhibitors of the critical SARS-CoV-2 protein known as the papain-like protease, otherwise known to virology experts as the 3-chymotrypsin-like cysteine protease (3CLpro). When the sequence of the “Wuhan Seafood Market Virus” was uploaded to the NIH sequence database, I applied computer software tools developed at UCSF to model the structure of that protein based on publicly available (previously published) crystal structures of the closely related 3CLpro from the SARS coronavirus. With SARS, this protein had been one of the leading antiviral drug targets, so it was reasonable to apply what had been learned with SARS to this new coronavirus. A specific region (binding pocket) of the protein had already been identified for drug development for the original SARS virus. Digital libraries representing detailed models of all known licensed drugs and nutraceutical compounds were obtained. Different software tools were then used to virtually dock each drug into the binding pocket of the modeled 3CLpro, resulting in a ranked list of possible inhibitors, which we then compared to the known safety profile and pharmaceutical characteristics of the leading drugs. This began a months-long process of testing, refinement, and retesting to optimize a list of drug candidates for further testing as antiviral compounds in the “real world.”


Jill’s book was published February 11, 2020, with a plan to constantly update the editions as more data and information became available. We hoped to create what is known as a “living document” that would be updated as the pandemic evolved. There were no other books available at the time that had been written by medical and scientific professionals. Most people were still unaware of what they were about to be hit with as the virus made its way into Italy, the rest of Europe, and then the United States.

As more and more people became aware of the threat posed by this novel coronavirus, the book began to sell. Although sales were modest, charts from the Kindle Direct Publishing website showed steady increases in February and March. The Amazon reviews were all five stars, and Jill felt a strong sense of pride. Her first book!

Little did we know we were about to encounter the new reality of government-corporate cooperative censorship, which would become a major theme throughout the entire history of the COVID-19 public health event.

Jill’s book was censored by Amazon. No explanation, no appeal. When we went to upload the most current edition in March, we received messages stating that Kindle Direct Publishing was “experiencing a temporary delay in publishing some titles.” On the phone we were told this was a normal delay due to lack of editors. We then received multiple messages, stating that the book did not meet “community standards”—which many of us have come to recognize as the standard phrase used to justify censorship in the time of COVID. We spoke with multiple people at KDP, who assured us that the reviewers would speak to us about why, as that was standard Amazon policy. That usually such problems could be worked out.

A few days later, people at Amazon told us by phone that the reviewers would not speak with us and that the book didn’t meet community standards. They stated they did not know the reason the book was banned, and they were “very sorry.” Multiple phone calls produced the same results. They refused to pass on our wish to speak with a supervisor, and they refused to answer our questions. At no point did we lose our temper or raise our voice. They just refused all inquiries and stated that the reviewers did not wish to speak with us. We could find nothing in the “community standards” statements that applied to anything we had written.

And at that moment, we knew that something very dark was happening, something we had never seen before. Little did we realize that this was just a very early example of what was to become a large movement over the next two years, a global movement involving collusion between government, corporatized legacy media, social media, big technology, big finance, and nongovernmental organizations to completely control and shape all information and thought concerning the public health response to the novel coronavirus.

Publications and social media posts about the coronavirus began being removed from all over the Internet. Although the original intent was to remove books that promoted “snake oil,” or were out to make a quick profit, this censorship quickly turned into something far more insidiously dangerous. That is, books that didn’t share the messaging of the US government were removed. Amazon represents the biggest bookseller in the USA. When Amazon censors reading material—where does this leave us as a nation? Apparently, the government believed that we as a nation must give up our precious freedoms of free speech and a free press due to declaration of a public health emergency. I will write it as clearly as I can: censorship and its “big brother”—propaganda—is not the answer.

The ramifications of these choices by our government to censor, lie, and obscure will go down in history. If the truth-tellers—scientists, writers, journalists, and authors—are not allowed to document the true story, a revisionist history will emerge. The alternative history being provided by the US government and promulgated by tech giants will allow such outbreaks to occur more easily in the future and allow those who failed us to remain in control of our governmental functions.

In the short span of three months, Jill and I had gone from a peaceful life on our farm, to receiving an alert from an American physician and intelligence operative operating in a region of China that I had never even heard of before, to self-publishing a modest guide for preparing and protecting yourself from the coming wave of infection, to directly experiencing the effects of an emerging Orwellian collusion among an international nongovernmental organization (WHO), a US Government (which appeared to have casually cast aside the First Amendment enumerated in the Bill of Rights), and the largest bookseller and retailer in the world.

I am often asked, “What made you decide to speak out about what you saw going on during this ‘pandemic?’” I have been told that I have become radicalized (by Steve Bannon, no less!) or “red-pilled” over the ensuing many months. The truth is, my quest to understand how, why, and by whom this global public health event has been weaponized against all of us began with a simple and inexplicable book banning. Many have since reviewed Jill’s book looking for some subtle offense and found nothing. The incredible effort and work product of my treasured wife and companion had been taken from her and thrown away with neither rationale nor explanation.


As time went on, it became clear to me that the World Health Organization, as well as senior members of the US Government Department of Health and Human Services, were repeatedly lying to the world. Almost daily, the official “leaders” speaking to the world, using the megaphone of mass media, were substituting their own personal opinions and biases for what was being presented to the general population as fact or data-based information. The phrase “Follow the Science” became a global joke, compounded by the amazing self-own statement of Dr. Fauci in which he told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd during June of 2021 that attacks on him were “attacks on science.” I began feeling an almost overwhelming sense of vertigo while struggling to find truth in the middle of this sea of mis(mal?)information, “factcheckers,” gaslighting, defamation, and chronic falsehoods. Then, while I was participating with other physicians in an effort to support two of our colleagues who were being threatened with loss of job and medical license for merely voicing concerns about the genetic vaccines and support for early interventions with repurposed licensed drugs, I was presented with an amazing document titled “The Malone Doctrine.” The authors told me that they had listened to everything I had said in my various public statements up to that point, had read everything I had written, and had developed a declaration based on the “white space between the lines” of all that I had spoken or written. They asked us to read and sign the declaration that they had prepared.

As Jill and I began to read their work, a smile crept across each of our faces and grew into outright joy. This was a first step toward recovery from the trauma and darkness that so many of us were experiencing. A new dawn. At that moment, we began to see the outlines of a better future coming, a future worth fighting for.

Malone MD MS, Robert W . Lies My Gov't Told Me: And the Better Future Coming

Joined: Apr 2013
Posts: 142
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Joined: Apr 2013
Posts: 142
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Joined: Apr 2001
Posts: 4,528
Likes: 13
Tom Offline OP
Needs to get a Life
OP Offline
Needs to get a Life
Joined: Apr 2001
Posts: 4,528
Likes: 13
Just noticed this.

The fact is Dr. Malone is not a conspiracy theorist. Yet that is what happens when a doctor or a scientist does not agree with the views that people like Dr. Fauci believe.
Dr. Malone actually is vaccinated himself and that was his own decision. He believes very strongly that people need to be aware of the risks before they take any vaccine.

Dr. Malone knows Dr. Fauci personally and knows a lot about his agenda in all this.

I better stop there, I am getting tired of all this garbage.


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