The Canadian Trucker Protesters
If you are like me, you saw the truckers protest and government response in Ottawa Canada and it caused you great concern.

Talking to American Christians, they also had concerns about this as well. Mainly because things like this have a tendency of setting a presidence even where they live.
In my case, although I actually supported in principle what the truckers were trying to do. However, I wanted to be certain I do not cross the line in my own conduct as a Christian.
I recently found what I believe is a really good discussion on the Trucker’s Protest.

As I was thinking through what was said, I could not help but think how the same principles that this podcast talked about, also apply to many other areas.

For example, in Romans 13 it talks about how we should obey the magistrate as long as the magistrate is upholding God's truth. As opposed to when the magistrates goes beyond their scope of authority.

In Canada, for example a Bill called Bill C-4 essentially could make it illegal to evangelize the LBGQT+++ people. Obviously, although I expect there to be consequences for disobeying the magistrate. Never the less, for the believer to obey them is disobeying God and fearing man over God.


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