Justin Trudeau is coming to kill Rebel News in 2023.
I think this time he might actually do it. He’s tried to kill us every year and he failed. But he’s getting smarter about it.
I’ve got a plan to fight back — click here to see it. But first, let me prove to you that Trudeau really does mean to kill us.
Back in 2019, Trudeau banned Rebel News reporters from attending the election debates. We went to the Federal Court and a judge ordered Trudeau to let us in. (He hated that.)
In 2020, Trudeau had Elections Canada officers interrogate me about my book, The Libranos, which exposed Trudeau’s corruption. They fined me thousands of dollars and claimed my book was illegal. (I refuse to pay — we're appealing that ruling in court right now).
In 2021, Trudeau banned our reporters from the election debates again. And for a second time, the Federal Court overruled him. (That made him so angry.)
In 2022, Rebel News had the most-watched coverage in Canada of the trucker convoy. So Trudeau’s personal bodyguards roughed up our reporters Drea Humphrey and David Menzies and his police literally SHOT our reporter Alexa Lavoie. (We’re suing them in court.)
Trudeau did all of that and more to us, and yet Rebel News is still not dead.
In fact, 2022 was our biggest year by every measure.

Just so anybody curious knows, I have actually watched video footage of many of the things above.

Here is an applicable link, for anyone who is interested.