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Joined: Dec 2021
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Joined: Dec 2021
Posts: 75
"He also said to the people, ‘When you see clouds gathering in the west, you say at once, “It is going to rain,” and rain it does. And when the wind is from the south, you say, “It will be hot,” and it is. What hypocrites you are! You know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky, but cannot interpret this fateful hour." (Luke 12:54-56, REB)

How are we to interpret our day with what we see all around us?

Transgenderism and the inability or refusal to distinguish the sexes
Perverted drag shows even for children being supported by too many reprobates in government and judicial systems
Government schools arrogantly presuming to have an authority exceeding the parents
Churches involvement in politics and political parties with women so predominate in positions of authority(Gn.3:16, Isa. 3:12)
Disintegration of families
Children born out of wedlock
Corruption of the God-given institution of marriage by same-sex marriages made legal
Fornication with men and women living together rather than marrying
Rejection of the historical biblical faith as given in the major creeds and confessions, based solidly on scripture.
Emotionalism substituting for a genuine move of the Holy Spirit
A false worship that has so departed from the 'regulative principle of worship', yet it is now seen as orthodox
The USA once Christian, being encircled by a powerful God-hating, Communist nation... China
Marxism having invaded our educational systems, and with so many not even recognizing it for what it is
The speed of scientific advancements such as AI which can pose a danger, according to those knowledgeable
The decline in belief in God and the counterfeit substitute "I'm not religious but I'm spiritual".
Africa often pointed to as so Christian, but it is largely Pentecostal following illusion and the prosperity gospel.
Those actually holding to a biblical world view seem to be a small minority.

As a post-mil, I think about the release of Satan after the millennium and wonder about that. Or, are we in another time such as existed just before Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation? What discernment do the brethren here have on this? What is to become of the next generation?

Joined: Apr 2001
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Head Honcho
Head Honcho
Joined: Apr 2001
Posts: 14,488
Likes: 58
Well, since I adhere to biblical, historic Amillennialism, I see all those things you listed as being part of the present Millennial Reign of Christ and which will culminate with far worse abominations among the nations including Canada and the USA.

With what I see, read, and hear about such things which seem to be getting worse by the day here in America the first thing which comes to mind is found in Genesis 18:20-32. And, specifically I have ingrained in my brain the personal conversation between Abraham and the pre-incarnate Son of God concerning the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah due to the rank sins being committed among them. The final 'agreement' resulting from the pleas of Abraham that God would not destroy all of the inhabitants of those cities if there were found 10 individuals who were not guilty of such sins. Yes, just 10 single individuals out of two major cities. Of course, we all know, or should know, that the cities were utterly destroyed with the exception of Lot's family who were delivered and Lot's wife being evidently being sympathetic to some who lived in Sodom, thus being guilty of not rejecting their sinful practices at best, perished being turned into a pillar of salt when her affections had here look back with sorrow, i.e., where her heart truly found its home.

Point being, it is my personal opinion that the Americas are under God's just judgment and wrath for their rejection of the truth of the Gospel which has been known since the first visitors arrived from abroad. No, the US has never been a truly Christian nation, but its founders operated on a Judeo-Christian moral basis and gave an assent to the existence of a 'higher being' to whom they were subject and expressed indebtedness to Him. The Spirit of God's power to restrain evil has been decidedly diminished from the nation and thus all manner of lasciviousness has reared its ugly head and indeed found the approval of men and governments such as Paul wrote by the Spirit in Romans 1:1-32.

[Linked Image]

simul iustus et peccator

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Joined: Dec 2021
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Joined: Dec 2021
Posts: 75
I agree with you, and I fear it is over for the USA and most of the west and possibly it will come in a catastrophic manner. I awoke to see the following headline on

"Nation's declining values could signal 'the end of the American empire,' think tank president says"

The descent into such depravity and delusions as we see, have been coming on for many years, but it seems to have truly accelerated exponentially the last 2 or 3 decades.

Dio Chrysostom, a Greek philosopher lived in the days of Paul and he goes even deeper into detailing the depravity of the day. He wrote giving stark historical context to Paul's stern writing in part of this discourse.

"147 I suspect that at Sparta as well some boys of a similar paternity received this appellation, since quite a number are called Parthenians.47 Consequently, if the majority born in such immoral cities did not perish through utter lack, I imagine, of divine protection, then nothing would save the world from being overrun by demigods. 148 But as it is, some die at birth, while those that do survive live on to old age in obscurity in the status of slaves, since those who gave them being can give them no further support.

Now then, in a city where the girls' condition is as bad as we have described, 149 what are we to expect the boys to be? What education and training should we expect them to receive? Is there any possibility that this lecherous class would refrain from dishonouring and corrupting the males, making their clear and sufficient limit that set by nature? Or will it not, while it satisfies its lust for women in every conceivable way, find itself grown weary of this pleasure, and then seek some other worse and more lawless form of wantonness? 150 Yes, the seduction of women — especially, one might almost say, of the freeborn and virgins — has been found easy and no task for a man who pursues that kind of game with money; and even against the highly respected wives and daughters of men really respected, the libertine who attacks with the device of Zeus and brings gold in his hands will never fail. 151 But the further developments, I presume, are perfectly evident, since we see so many illustrations. The man whose appetite is insatiate in such things, when he finds there is no scarcity, no resistance, in this field, will have contempt for the easy conquest and scorn for a woman's love, as a thing too readily given — in fact, too utterly feminine — and will turn his assault against the male quarters, eager to befoul the youth who will very soon be magistrates and judges and generals, 152 believing that in them he will find a kind of pleasure difficult and hard to procure. His state is like that of men who are addicted to drinking and wine-bibbing, who after long and steady drinking of unmixed wine, often lose their taste for it and create an artificial thirst by the stimulus of sweatings, salted foods, and condiments."

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