Lately, I have been hearing 'commercials' on the radio with Franklin Graham. I had to chuckle right off the start because he looks and sounds like his father, William (Billy Graham). But another and most important similarity which sparked me to post this month's Article of the Month is the 'message' he presented which is likewise one of the hallmarks of the Billy Graham Ministries. It is the one that probably influenced the majority of evangelical churches from the beginning. It begins typically with, "I want you to know that God loves you..." and ends with the 'invitation' to pray "this prayer". One of the ways I have described these typical messages and the persons delivering them is "feckless". The message is vacuous and the speakers are mindless and irresponsible, and worse it is seriously deceptive. Simply echoing a prayer cannot save anyone. And those who believe that by parroting the prayer are made right with God, aka: justified, adopted as sons of God, filled with the Spirit and destined to heaven have a totally false sense of security and assurance. The question that demands to be asked is, "What IS saving faith?"

Dr. Michael Haykin in a very short article shows the history and fallacy of "Sandemanianism", aka: Easy Believism and then points to the right direction. There are many other articles on The Highway that deal in depth with true saving faith, that faith which is given by God and worked in the heart of a sinner which unites with Christ thus saving/justifying the soul and truly redeems from sin.

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